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Announcing MET: Vampire The Masquerade Volume 2!



Get ready to be a better vampire! 

By Night Studios proudly announces: Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade Volume 2

This sequel to the groundbreaking MET: Vampire is designed to support and expand the base game with additional settings, new powers, enhanced status and influence rules

Watch for our Kickstarter campaign this fall. Following the By Night tradition, we’ll release slices for playtesting throughout the development process, and we’ll preview the first slice as part of Blood & Betrayal 4 at Tampa by Night in September! MET: Vampire 2 is expected to ship in the spring of 2018

Just some of the things you will find in the pages of this book: 

  • Updated Status System
  • New Merits for Clans and Sects
  • Alternate Clan Merits 
  • New Techniques and Elder Powers
  • Luminary Powers and Rare Disciplines
  • New Thaumaturgy and Necromancy (including new rituals)
  • Abyss Mysticism
  • New Sabbat Ritae
  • Updated Influences to work with
  • New Stock Location Rules
  • Updated Elysium Rules
  • New Historical Settings, including Dark Ages and Victorian Age
  • Storyteller Essays
  • New Art
  • Updated Core Rules and Errata

MET: Werewolf the Apocalypse Gamma Slice

Hello Werewolf fans! We have 400 pages (yes seriously) of Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse goodness for you. Our Gamma slice includes 12 Tribes, 3 Fera, Gifts and Merits, and our brand-new Quest system. We have also made many updates based on community feedback and our playtest in Vegas. Once you’ve read this slice, please make sure to answer the questions on page 398-399 and email them to Your feedback is very important to us! The MET: Werewolf kickstarter begins January 9th.

Download here!

Werewolf Beta Slice: A serving of Rage-filled pie

We released the Beta Slice for Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf the Apocalypse recently, and now we’d like to take a moment to personally thank all our customers, players, and fans who took the time and effort to send us their feedback (positive and negative). You guys love Werewolf, and your passion is very clear and strong in your input.

While reviewing your feedback, it became clear that our new open-development approach hasn’t been clearly explained to those unfamiliar with By Night Studios, so let’s briefly walk through it together.

Imagine that you are cutting a slice out of a pie. (Mmmm, pie….) You might get 10% of the whole pie, but that single slice will give you a solid idea of what the whole thing tastes like. You get some crust and some filling—not everything, but enough to know whether or not the rest of the pie is likely to be delicious or needs to go back in the oven to finish baking. That’s what we intend whenever we release a slice from a game that’s still in development: you get a small preview—a taste—of the greater whole.

Our previous development approach was simpler: we developed and tested privately and then, when we were confident, we released our various slices. If you tracked the development of Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade, you noticed that details changed in each slice as we fine-tuned our process and changed things based on observable data.

Then something amazing happened over the last two years.

Our customers and patrons have proven themselves to be amazing, respectful, and willing to experiment with us. We made a lot of friends and learned more about how people play our games all over the world. New organizations and troupes in many different countries have emerged to run Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade games in their communities.

This community has earned our trust as partners in making our games better, so we decided to run with a more open testing environment for Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf the Apocalypse, and hope that you would be willing to experiment with us.

An Alpha Slice is a proof-of-concept document that covers the most basic foundations of the rules. Ours, released at Nashville by Night, featured two tribes, a limited selection of Gifts, and a number of core features. We wanted to test these rules in the wild (no pun intended) to see how they worked and how players responded. You sent us a metric ton of feedback that we reviewed, discussed, and debated, and then got to work building out and up from the Alpha foundation. That brought us to the Beta Slice we just released.

We have some difficult choices ahead of us while working on MET Werewolf. We want to honor the history and fans of this ground-breaking game. We also want to expand its audience, giving new players a chance to experience and fall in love with the Garou and their heroic, tragic story. The cultural zeitgeist of today hungers for werewolf stories more than any other time. You only have to visit a bookstore to see the howling from the public for more stories about werewolves of all types. We want to see LARPs with a hundred people raging against the Wyrm. Our difficult task is to figure out the best way to navigate between honoring the game’s rich legacy and helping it find even more players.

The word “Beta” is often confused with a release candidate in video games. Our Beta Slice represents a snaphot of the game’s current development state: it’s not a release candidate, and it includes ideas that are still in brainstorming phase, early development of stories, and experimenting with details. We tossed out a number of rules that the Alpha slice proved didn’t work right, and revised others to reflect feedback and changes in design direction: we did the same thing for MET: VTM and that will likely continue with Werewolf.

Our goal is to produce the very best LARP experience that simulates the glory, drama, and power of Werewolf. This means that we’re going to have to experiment with ways of capturing a very different heroic narratives that were designed for a small tabletop RPG activity and transforming them into an experience that can be shared by 20, 50, or hopefully 100s of players at once. What works great for tabletop doesn’t always work as well for LARP: they are two very different game environments, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and needs. At the same time, we’re striving to ensure that every rule complies with the Economy of Cool, so that everyone has an equal chance to have fun.

This creative process isn’t going to be easy as we look at the fundamentals of what this game is and what it means to us as players and Storytellers.

How can you help us? We’re glad you asked!

Reading the Beta Slice is a good start, but what we need most is for you to test these rules in actual live situations (playtesting), and then to describe your experience to us. The math of the BNS core rules has a different axis than previous editions. At a glance, the numbers can seem strange if you haven’t experienced MET: VTM. We want feedback that describes not just your opinions, but your experience in trying out the rules. How did it feel to fight as a Get of Fenris, or as a Silver Fang? Did the rules help capture what it should be like to rage? We need to know this, so that we can continue to develop this game into something beyond epic.

Join us in Las Vegas this September!

Looking for game times for Las Vegas by Night 2015? Check out the updated schedule

We are excited to be running several games and events!


By Night Studios games

Blood & Betrayal 2: Dark Alliance Las Vegas
A Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade game

When: Friday Evening, September 25th from 8PM to 1AM
Where: Moon
Click here to make your character
“Night comes swiftly in the desert, my friend. Savor it with us!” – Sybil, High Priestess of Set

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, stronghold of the Independent Alliance, where the Giovanni and the Followers of Set hold sway over the neon-lit decadence of the Strip. It is a rich hunting ground, this glittering oasis amid the barren desert, and its vampire masters are only too happy to welcome visitors both living and undead to their nocturnal playground.

Two years have passed since the Pacifica Royale Conclave that addressed the grave threat of hunters, and in this time the Alliance has not been idle. Tonight, three bloodlines will petition to join the Alliance, but only one will be chosen, as Kindred from around the world gather to witness–and influence–the outcome.

OOC Information

Please us for an evening of unparalleled vampiric decadence set in one of the most luxurious LARP venues ever, as By Night Studios presents an original one-night scenario for Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade.

This is the second in an ongoing series of story-linked event games. The outcome of the scenario is entirely in the hands of the characters to decide, and some elements of this game will become part of the MET: Vampire The Masquerade story canon.

Complete details, including the official setting style sheet, will be provided well in advance so that players may prepare their characters and costumes, but for those who want to get an early start:

  • Players may create their own characters with a 100 XP base (30XP base character creation + 70XP)
  • Players may opt to purchase 100 bonus XP for $20. (Limit 1 purchase per player)
  • Prepared characters and staff support are available for new and novice players.
  • Players who participated in Blood & Betrayal 1 (Los Angels by Night) may recreate their player character roles, including Characters of Note, if they choose.
  • Please contact with any questions about the game.

IC Information

Theme: Chaos
Mood: Covetous, Decadent, Festive
Scope: The Palms Hotel and Casino
Setting: Independent Alliance ― Sacred Symposium


“An alliance with a powerful person is never safe.”― Phaedrus

Four years ago, in a penthouse nightclub at the Palms Hotel and Casino, two of the Great Clans formed a pact to take control of Las Vegas.  Referred to initially as the Alexandrian Alliance, this compact between the Giovanni and the Followers of Set soon spread beyond Sin City to become something grand and dangerous, and potentially the first new vampire sect in half a century.

Tonight, to honor its heritage and the intent of its founders, the Independence Alliance has invited its representatives from every city to the Moon nightclub for a Sacred Symposium: a jovial celebration where wine and words on the important topics of the night are exchanged. There are important questions that must be answered this evening concerning the future of the emerging sect: three clans have formally petitioned to join the Alliance, but only one shall be admitted at this time. Further, if the Independent Alliance is to truly become a full sect, decisions must be made regarding how it shall govern itself going forward.

Three bloodlines have watched the alliance’s rise with great interest; each wishes to join:

  • Unexpectedly, the Lasombra antitribu were the first to petition for admittance, in numbers far beyond those known to have joined the Camarilla, leading to widespread speculation that there is a potential rift in the heart of the greater clan. Their petition has shaken Kindred and Cainites alike: neither the Camarilla nor the Sabbat are eager to see this petition succeed, and should it come to pass, both sects would surely consider the defection a grave insult.
  • Meanwhile, the mysterious Carpathians sweetened their petition by offering access to their enormous libraries of occult knowledge—and to a terrible secret that they insist could shake the world.  The Ventrue seem unusually disturbed by this news, and have begun to align their resources accordingly; they hint that the Tzimisce bloodline has uncovered knowledge related to the Gangrel’s recent return to the Camarilla and its recent friendly relations with the Tremere.
  • Finally, a little-known bloodline of the Brujah―the oddly stoic Sages―have offered their considerable lore and unique powers to the Independent Alliance. This development has galvanized the Brujah, who vehemently protest against the Sages’ proposal, but the Independent Alliance is still considering the petition with considerable interest.  Some whisper that the Ventrue are lending quiet support to the Sages’ petition, hoping to injure their long-time rivals among the mainstream Brujah.

Rumors bubble and hiss around every major Kindred gathering, and this one is no exception. For example…

Word has come that Ferox―the self-proclaimed Rock Lord himself―appeared atop the Setite Temple, where he left a parchment requesting that the Independent Alliance aid his clan in arranging for a second Promise—for Gargoyles only. As a number of this winged bloodline have begun appearing in the outskirts of the city in the nights leading to the symposium, many wonder just how far the scales of power may tip.

[REDACTED], the famous [REDACTED], has allegedly taken a personal interest in the Sacred Symposium, and his clan suggests that he has offered to mediate tense discussions of a secretive nature. Knowing that the [REDACTED] have raised concerns about the appearance of the [REDACTED] in recent nights, the [REDACTED] is prepared for war, should need arise to defend themselves. Others speculate that [REDACTED]’s recent time spent among the [REDACTED] has caused the [REDACTED] to discover knowledge that urgently needs attention.


More wild rumors will undoubtedly surface as the date of the Sacred Symposium draws closer.

Knowing that tensions are high, the Independent Alliance has made it clear that all attendees are under their protection for the duration of the celebration.

As always, the Giovanni and the Followers of Set intend to profit from a tense and uncertain situation. Queen Sybil and Don Michael Giovanni, the shared holders of the Janus Seats of Praxis over Las Vegas, have opened their city to any who would treat or trade with the Independent Alliance, including delegations from both the Camarilla and the Anarch Free States.  The Sabbat have remained silent, but it is believed they will attempt some sort of interference to the Lasombra delegation―diplomatic or otherwise.

Sacred Symposium

“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”― Martin Luther King, Jr.

During the Sacred Symposium, representatives of the Independent Alliance have tasked themselves with determining the future of their nascent group by debating several questions, including:

  • Should the Independent Alliance declare itself a sect of vampires? If so, how should it govern itself? If not, should its members leave each city to their own preferences for handling internal conflict?
  • What should happen if a member of the Independent Alliance betrays the Treaty? Who has the authority to sit in judgment in such a case, and what are fitting and appropriate punishments for those found guilty?
  • Should the Independent Alliance admit one of the petitioning bloodlines to join as a third clan? If so, which one?
  • Should the Independent Alliance admit individual members from clans that have not yet signed the Treaty of Alliance? If so, do they hold the same rights as the members of the founding clans?

The answers may change the Alliance forever.

Storyteller Notes

  • Blood & Betrayal 2 will happen in the Moon nightclub at the Palms Tower and Casino, 8 p.m. -midnight on Friday, September 25.
  • The characters who are present at Blood & Betrayal 2 will have an opportunity to affect the outcome of the Independent Alliance petitions, and all other in-game events, during the evening. These events will become part of the By Night Studios ongoing story canon for MET: VTM.


Rage & Retribution!
A Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse Playtest

When: Saturday Afternoon, September 26th from 1PM to 5PM
Where: Rain
Download the Beta Slice Rules for Free here!

“There are more sinister things than bodies buried out in the desert, cub. Don’t let the glitter and light blind you…It’s the darkness outside the city that needs watching.” – Landmark Lester, Glasswalker Theurge

Las Vegas existed well before Bugsy Siegel built the Strip and filled it with neon-soaked decadence. History may have forgotten the Mormon missionaries and abandoned mines, but the desert remembers, and its memory is long.

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, tantalizing destination for troublemakers from across the world, and former home of the Mt. Charleston Caern.

The hidden springs of the Las Vegas valley once supplied this place with spiritual power, but time and turmoil have tapped them dry. Powerful spirits remain, however, and they whisper possibilities to those able to hear them.

Could the desert bloom again?


OOC Information

By Night Studios invites you to join us for an official playtest ofMind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse.

This is an original story scenario in playtest form: you’ll create characters from a selection of tribes, play through the scenario in a spectacular hotel location, and then have a chance to offer feedback and input on your experience directly to the game designers, helping us to shape the future of MET: Werewolf.

The outcome of the scenario is entirely in the hands of the characters to decide, and some elements of this playtest will become part of the MET: Werewolf The Apocalypse story canon.

Complete details, including the playtest rules and setting sheet, will be provided in advance so that players can prepare their characters and costumes. You can download theBeta Slice rules here.

Sightseeing Bonus

The fictional events of Rage and Retribution draw their inspiration from the natural features and rich history of the entire Las Vegas valley—not just the Strip. Players are invited to explore and learn more about the region, and those who do can earn an in-game bonus, usable during the Rage and Retribution event!

Players who check into Rage and Retribution with either an admission ticket from, or a selfie from any of the following locations will gain a piece of in-game equipment and additional in-character piece of important story information for each one of the following sites visited. Selfies must include both you and the location to qualify!

  • The Springs Preserve
  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Valley of Fire
  • Lake Mead or Hoover Dam
  • Vegas Vic sign in downtown Las Vegas
  • Lady Luck hotel in downtown Las Vegas
  • Atomic Testing Museum
  • Eldorado Canyon or the Nelson Ghost Town


IC Information

Themes: Journey Through the Underworld
Mood: Dichotomy, Rebirth, Exploration
Scope: The Las Vegas Valley
Setting: Werewolf: The Apocalypse; Vampire: The Masquerade


“There are more sinister things than bodies buried out in the desert, cub. Don’t let the glitter and light blind you…It’s the darkness outside the city that needs watching.” — Landmark Lester, Glass Walker Theurge

Just a few short years ago, as the Age of Apocalypse dawned and change swept through the desert containing Las Vegas and its natural environs, the longstanding caern at Mt. Charleston shattered in a cataclysmic event. Every last Garou, from Cub to Elder, met their end in an Umbral Storm that shook apart the spiritual landscape of the area.

In the intervening years, as the vampires of Las Vegas grew content and decadent in their tourist-filled edifices, the umbral environment of the valley has been unguarded, but hardly empty. A sinister darkness has been left to grow strong out in the desert, draining the essence from the land, leaving the spirits starved and squabbling over what resources remain to them.

Those spirits strong enough to survive and thrive in such hostile territory are fearsome indeed, and they have gathered themselves into allied factions—urban and natural—becoming bitter rivals against those spirits who would not join them. As the threat in the southeast grows more powerful, even these alliances may not be sufficient to prevent the entire Mojave from falling prey to the corrupted forces waiting beneath the desert’s mountains.

A Desperate Gamble

“Techatticup Mine’s name derives from the Paiute Indian word for ‘hungry,’ a term often heard by early settlers from the starving Indians inhabiting the dry hills.” – Unknown

To many gamblers, Las Vegas represents hope—and one such Glass Walker Elder, aging and worn-down though he may be, remembers his own times of glory in Sin City’s heyday and fights to return the Garou to the glittering desert oasis and restore their place as its physical and spiritual guardians.

He has been given a precious shard from one of the surviving caerns; this shard has the potential to blossom into a new shard caern. At great risk, he has carried it all the way from Washington State on foot to the Las Vegas desert, and along the way, he has put out a great cry for help. Many Garou have answered—singly and in packs, they have come, answering the call to make history empowering the first shard caern in the history of the Garou Nation.

The most powerful spirits of the area could be allies or enemies to this effort—and the Garou must decide which of them to approach with bargains for their aid. Allying with both is impossible. A choice must be made.

Even more troubling, during the Garou’s long absence from the Mojave, a pocket of corruption has been left to fester in the nearby desert, buried deep within the old Eldorado Canyon’s Techatticup silver mine. Old Native American and Gold Rush-era tales of the place are deeply troubling; starvation is a common theme, and it is clear that whatever lies deep within the mine still hungers. Its minions bring it Gnosis, draining it from the surrounding land, and the traces of silver remaining in the mine make it exceptionally dangerous for werewolves. Yet descend into the mine they must, for the shard caern cannot take root while such corruption pollutes the land.

It is a dangerous gamble, attempting to a Garou presence to Las Vegas. Are you ready to roll the dice?


By Night Studios events

Vampires & Vino

Price: $50 (includes drinks)
Host: By Night Studios
When: Friday, September 25th from 1PM to 4PM
Where: The Level 3 Club

About: Dracula may never drink wine, but Jason Carl does, and he’ll share some of his favorites with you during an evening’s discussion about Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade. We’ll discuss what’s next for Masquerade products from By Night Studios, talk about how Blood & Betrayal 2 fits into our plans for story continuity, and listen to your suggestions about what we should do next for VTM – all over several delicious glasses of wine. Indulge yourself.

Ticket price includes wine flight


Wolves & Whiskey

Price: $50 (includes drinks)
Host: By Night Studios
When: Saturday, September 26th from 6:30PM to 7PM
Where: The Level 3 Club

About: Whether you’re all about Four Roses or Lagavulin 16, enjoy a sampling of the brown stuff with By Night Studios. We’ll do a post-mortem on our Rage & Retribution playtest, and then get your input on how we’re developing Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse.

Ticket price includes whiskey tasting


Check out the Master Schedule for a list of all games and times.


Presenting the Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf: The Apocalypse beta slice playtest rules!

We have 222 pages of some light reading for ya.

Presenting the Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf: The Apocalypse beta slice playtest rules! This outlines everything you’ll need to know to play in Rage & Retribution at Las Vegas by Night 2015. Even if you can’t make it, you can still give us your feedback and help us to improve the game. Download it here.