By Night Studios proudly announces that the Blood & Betrayal Chronicle begins in 2018!  


What is this?

The Blood & Betrayal (BnB) Chronicle is an official World of Darkness LARP organization that offers participation in a global story. By Night Studios manages the story centrally, but local troupes are free to manage their games as they choose. Our focus is on the story, not the organization.

(There are already many LARP fan clubs that have the organizational structure required to manage linked networks of games where either frequent travel or pervasive online play are key elements of the experience. We don't see any need to duplicate what they are already doing well, and we see Blood & Betrayal as a different kind of LARP experience that doesn't require this structure.) 


What Mind's Eye Theatre games are included in the chronicle?

When it launches the chronicle will support MET Vampire The Masquerade and MET Werewolf The Apocalypse. Later in 2018, it will also support MET Changeling The Dreaming.


Who can join this chronicle? 

Any individual player, LARP troupe, or network fan club may join the chronicle provided that they follow the rules and policies of the chronicle.


Why are you doing this?

Many LARP troupes worldwide are already using the story and plots from our Mind’s Eye Theatre books, and adapting them for their own enjoyment. But we receive many requests to offer an official LARP chronicle, to help these troupes connect their games and players around the world. We see this as a way to foster community communication, goodwill, and shared enthusiasm for the World of Darkness. 


Does our LARP game need to use the official Mind’s Eye Theatre rules?

No. Your local game may use any LARP rules it chooses—MET, Laws of the Night, Nordic-style, freeform, etc. The only requirement is that your local troupe’s story must be aligned with and integrated into the global story of the chronicle. We will have more details on exactly what this means as we get closer to launch. 

Note that any official Blood & Betrayal LARPs and events run by By Night Studios will use the most current MET rules and a Story Setting Document (SSD) from By Night Studios. 


If troupes use many different rules, how can we all interact?

We think it is very important to allow players and troupes to play the way they want to in their local games. The exception is travel: when you travel to another city and play in a troupe there, you agree to use and abide by the rules and policies of that local game.

Example: the Barcelona by Night game may choose to use a custom rules system, while Orlando by Night chooses to use MET. When Orlando players travel to the Barcelona game, they must agree to use the local custom rules; when Barcelona players travel to the Orlando game, they must agree to use the MET rules. 


But what about online or proxy play? How do we resolve that?

There is no online proxy or internet play across local troupe boundaries in the Blood & Betrayal Chronicle. Your characters may interact freely online across troupe boundaries, for soft roleplaying, but may not initiate challenges, use powers, or conduct other activities that require Storyteller adjudication. They may only communicate. You are encouraged to use the downtime tools at worldofdarkness.com to handle any character actions between games, but these tools rely on the MET rules to function.


Isn’t this just another LARP fan club?

No. Local LARP troupes and networks that join the chronicle will continue to manage themselves as they have always done. Our focus is on providing the global story structure and opportunities to share that story with other players globally. 


What Are the Requirements for Membership?

To be included in the chronicle, your local troupe must agree to the following:


·       Have a Head Storyteller who manages your local troupe game

·       Align the continuity of your local game with the Blood & Betrayal story continuity. This means that your troupe uses the story as described in the MET books (even if you don’t use MET rules), and abides by any major global story changes created by By Night Studios. Your local story and continuity takes precedence in all other ways.  

·       Register your local troupe and all your players at www.worldofdarkness.com

·       Use the tools and features available on www.worldofdarkness.com for:

o   Creating and maintaining a Setting Style Document for your troupe game

o   Character creation and character storage

o   Experience point tracking and spending

o   Downtime actions


What kind of administrative structure is required?

None. Your local troupe game or club is free to organize and administer itself in any way that it finds appropriate. By Night Studios handles the administrative structure only for those LARPs and events that it manages directly.


Is there a fee for participation?

Yes. There will be a per-member fee for participating in the Blood & Betrayal Chronicle. The exact fee structure will be determined and announced before the chronicle launches formally.


What Are the Benefits of Linking Our Game to the Blood & Betrayal Chronicle?

A connected global story: Your troupe will join an official, global story that is designed and managed by By Night Studios. Your troupe may also participate in global plots and activities that directly impact the official Blood & Betrayal story canon.


Monthly story material: All member troupes will receive monthly story content from By Night Studios that you may use locally in your troupe games. Examples of such content includes plot kits, NPCs, locations, equipment, and rumors, all relevant and related to the global Blood & Betrayal global story. Note that all rules in this story material will be in the current Mind’s Eye Theatre rules format, but much of it will be story elements that can be adjusted for your local rules. 


Geographic identity: Your troupe will have a clearly-defined story territory for your game. Our general policy is one troupe in a 50-mile radius, but we make exceptions in some very densely populated areas.


Official events: Early notification of and invitations to participate in official Blood & Betrayal chronicle events.


Communication: Access to private online communication tools at worldofdarkness.com, to help facilitate game management and player interaction


Who controls our local game?

You do. You will continue to manage and administer your local game, including deciding who participates, as you have always done. By Night Studios controls invitations and access only to those LARPs and events that it manages directly.


Who manages player disciplinary issues?

You do. Your local game’s administration decides how to manage disciplinary issues in your local game. By Night Studios manages disciplinary issues only for those LARPs and events that it manages directly. However, in order to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all, you must inform By Night Studios of all disciplinary actions that happen in your local game.  


Is Blood & Betrayal an official White Wolf 5th Edition Chronicle?

Not yet. The chronicle is managed and administered at By Night Studios, a White Wolf licensee. However, it is the intention of By Night Studios to align the chronicle story continuity with the Vampire and Werewolf 5th Edition stories when they are available.


Where can we get more information? 

We will share more details about the Blood & Betrayal chronicle with you in the weeks ahead. Please be patient and and direct your questions to info@bynightstudios.com or to our social media; we'll give as much information as we can, as it becomes available.