Event Policy and Submissions

By Night Studios knows that Mind’s Eye Theatre thrives on the games and events produced by its community. We love attending as many as we can. For us, it’s a chance to connect with the community, and to participate in games alongside those who share our passion for the World of Darkness. Sadly, until someone invents teleportation, we simply can’t attend every event produced.

However, we want to know about your event! Please use the handy submission form below to contact us about supporting your event. As you complete the form, please keep the following guidelines in mind:


Physical Convention Attendance

Requests for members to physically attend an event need to be received a minimum of four (4) months prior to the event start date. Arranging flights, hotels, etc. and managing conflicting events means we need a lot of lead time – so the sooner, the better! We regret that we cannot attend every event to which we are invited. Our decision about which events to attend are based on a number of different factors, including conflicting commitments, budget, and the time involved. Please let us know if your event is able to provide badges, travel and accommodations for the team.



Requests for By Night Studios team members to host a panel, presentation, workshops, or seminar at your event must be received four (4) months prior to the event start date. Although we will happily take requests to host sessions about specific topics, By Night Studios reserves the sole right to determine what content we make available through these sessions.


Product Support

Requests for product or prize support (quick start guides, promotional materials, etc.) need to be received at least two (2) months prior to the event start date. Feel free to request a specific product, but please understand that we must fill these requests based on product availability and the costs of shipping.


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