MET:VTM changelog

Changelog version 1 – 1/29/14

This version includes corrections to a number of typos and trivial grammar errors that do not alter the meaning of or change rules or story continuity. Updated version is available via DriveThruRPG.

Chapter Two: Clans

  • “Vienna” was changed to “Venice” in the following line on page 37: “In 2008, Clan Giovanni suffered a terrible blow. An attack devastated the palatial Giovanni compound in Vienna, resulting in the abduction of their founder, Augustus Giovanni.”

  • Medicine skill, page 96: The first line of the System text was altered for clarity.

Chapter Three: Character Creation

Chapter Four: Disciplines

  • Fear the Void Below, page 127: Text edited for clarity.
  • Psychomachia, page 128: Text edited for clarity.
  • Conceal, page 145: Text edited for clarity.
  • Armor of Terra, page 171: Text edited for clarity.
  • Pillar of Fire, page 196: Text edited for clarity.
  • Thaumaturgy Ritual: Soul of the Homunculus, page 207: Text edited for clarity.
  • Deny, page 215: Size and quantity limitations in the last paragraph of System text were altered.
  • Animal Swarm, page 224: Text edited for clarity.

Chapter Seven: Dramatic Systems

  • Maximum Attackers rule, page 282: Text edited for clarity.
  • Pierce the Heart Maneuver, page 285: Text edited to remove error.
  • Additional Downtimes, page 307: Legacy line removed.

Chapter Nine: The Camarilla

  • Elysium, page 386: The following text was substituted for the line: “Public awareness of a breach of Elysium immediately causes scandal for every member of the domain;” New text reads: “When a breach happens, the Keeper of Elysium and/or the Prince should severely punish the perpetrator. If the Kindred public becomes aware of a breach of Elysium and an appropriate punishment is not levied within 30 days, it causes scandal for every member of the domain;”