About Us

By Night Studios is proud to be the official licensed publisher for new Mind’s Eye Theatre products for White Wolf’s World of Darkness setting. We are a New Orleans-based company with a singular mission: to usher in a renaissance for the World of Darkness Mind’s Eye Theatre experience.

Our founders and staff are all long-time fans of the World of Darkness and enthusiastic advocates of Live Action games. They include game industry professionals who for almost two decades have been involved in the creation and promotion of World of Darkness products and Mind’s Eye Theatre events.

White Wolf’s Mind’s Eye Theatre debuted in 1993, helping to usher in an entirely new era of immersive and interactive entertainment, and adding a vibrant, interactive dimension to the roleplaying game hobby.

By Night Studios carries on that legacy in partnership with White Wolf. Legions of Mind’s Eye Theatre fans around the world have been waiting patiently for an updated version of their favorite Live Action games – and we are bringing these games to them. We use a wealth of defining material from over two decades of World of Darkness game settings for our new line of Mind’s Eye Theatre products.

Our first release, Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade, is a 550 page monster of a core book. With the help of our community, we have completed the Kickstarter for our second behemoth core book, Mind's Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse. It will be released in Winter 2016. Both products are more than just an update to the classic franchises. They have been rebuilt from the ground up specifically for the Live-Action Role Play audience.

We are committed to producing new, high quality Mind’s Eye Theatre products for new and old fans alike!